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Electrician   | Starling Electrical Services  - Suffolk, VA

With the growing popularity of home renovation, people are choosing to stay longer in their existing homes in the Suffolk, VA area. Today's high-performance and high-powered gadgets and appliances can easily overload an older home’s electrical system. An experienced electrician can advise you regarding your electrical system upgrade options. As the owner of Starling Electrical Services, I have performed hundreds of electrical system upgrades and installations in older homes in the Suffolk, VA area.

Electrical systems in older homes can become worn out over time, electrical connections can become loose, and fire hazards can develop without warning. As an experienced master electrician, I have the knowledge, on-the-job expertise, and the latest high-tech equipment to uncover the most obscure electrical problems. Worn and outdated electrical systems can create a number of problems, including:

• Easily overloaded circuits.
• Overheated wires and insulation.
• Defective circuit breakers that can cause electrical fires.
• Loose connections that can spark and ignite fires.

As a licensed master electrician in Suffolk, VA, I can evaluate your present electrical system to see if it is at risk. I will check your entire electrical panel to identify potential hazards, and make practical, cost-effective recommendations to correct them.

Homeowners should consider electrical inspections if planning any of the following:

• The renovation of your kitchen, which uses high-powered electrical appliances.
• Building an addition onto your home.
• Adding high-powered external systems such as central air conditioning.
• Adding more electrical outlets in your home.
• Updating in order to meet homeowners insurance requirements.
• Building a shop requiring higher voltage and higher amp circuits.

Starling Electrical Services in Suffolk, VA will conduct complete electrical inspections of your home to see if it will safely handle your renovation or addition. Hire an experienced master electrician to perform all of your electrical work. My commitment to you is your safety, peace of mind, and complete customer satisfaction. Come see me today to learn how I can help you.